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How to make your mascara last the whole day

There's not many things worse than taking your time to get ready in the morning and coming home after a long day with bare eyelashes and flakes under your eyes. Here's how to make your mascara last all day!

1. Go for quality.

First things first, finding a good quality mascara will (usually) do the trick. There's nothing wrong with Drug Store brands, but spending a little extra on mascara might be your saving grace. My favorite is Better Than Sex from Too Faced Cosmetics ($23).

2. Curl it up.

Lushes lashes last longer when curled. A little tip I love is to slightly heat the eyelash curler with your hairdryer. Be careful to check the curler before you apply! You don't want to damage your lashes.

3. Beware of the T-Zone.

Our lashes don't droop because they're tired (e en though it my seem like it), usually our lashes are not how we left them because of oily skin. Take the time to powder and re-powder your t-zone and forehead to avoid any unwanted droopy lashes. Check out SEPHORA's blotting pads for quick fix-ups throughout the day ($8).

4. Less is more.

One or two layers of mascara is good for most people. Be cautious of how much mascara you're applying. Too much mascara (two or three layers) will weigh your lashes down and cause them to droop quicker.

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